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Thermionic Culture is going to the AES show.


VicK      Nick


When: 17th-19th October

Where: Booth 550 – Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York.

Who will be there: Vic Keary, Nick Terry, Cassellah Bailes and also Brian Sowter of Sowter Transformers Ltd., maker of all the Audio transformers used by Thermionic Culture.

Thermionic Culture, home of the award-winning Swift Equaliser, are attending the 145th International Pro Audio convention in New York City and will be bringing along a new addition – The Kite!

The Kite is the all valve stereo Equaliser with ATTITUDE that has been highly requested. The Kite carries Attitude, EQ and the big fat sound of the Fat Bustard, but without the summing facility. Nick Terry will be plugging it in and giving a little demo and a talk on this newest product at the convention. Come along to booth 550 in the AES exhibition hall to see and find out more.



Thermionic Culture, arguably Britain's premier manufacturer of valve studio equipment, welcomes Tim Vine-Lott to the team. Vine-Lott has 30 years of pro-audio and studio experience, 27 of which were spent at AIR Studios. Vine-Lott's principle tasks have been QA and production testing of The Swift, Phoenix, Mastering Phoenix and Culture Vulture Super 15. More interestingly, he is heading up development of several new products, including a new microphone preamp aimed at ribbon mic's, primarily the Coles 4038, which is made in Hoddesdon, a stones throw from Thermionic Culture's Harlow headquarters.

Vine-Lott says "I'm delighted to be working with Vic and his team, they're great people and a pleasure to work with. Fine tuning production and testing of The Swift etc has been an interesting introduction to their world. The new mic pre is a real challenge, and there's more in the pipeline."

Interestingly, Vic also spent 30+ years studio engineering before Thermionic Culture.



Production of the Limited Edition Earlybird 4 channel mic preamp in red is about to come to an end, so if red is your colour choice check on stock to avoid disappointment!



If you do miss out don’t worry production of this best seller will continue in Classic Black.