Sammy Kannis – Producer / Songwriter

Sammy is a Producer, A&R Director, Songwriter, and in charge of Artist Development for the Alchemy Music Group in Australia.

His recent credits are; James Kannis, Leo Moctezuma, Sierra Montana, Kid Courageous, Becca Sopher, Mel T, Tahyna Tozzi, Bec Cartwright, Planet Of The Stereos, Oblivia, The Hitmen, Amy Pearson….

On the Phoenix SC….

“I recently bought the Phoenix SC after reading about it for months and true to the words of existing users and the designer, it has solved all the issues I had previously been experiencing with regards to my Mix Buss (and I have owned most other brands). I thought I’d let you guys know that I am a FAN and will do my best to promote this great product in Australia and when I travel overseas, just like the old American Express commercial “I won’t leave home without it!”

After having used many pieces of eclectic, boutique and mainstream equipment in the pursuit of that perfect combination and balance in the varied genres I work in, the one thing that always eluded me was the melding of the arrangements I produce into a perfect balance of edge and thickness without losing the multi dimensional aspect of the mix. Finally I can say that I have filled in that missing piece, thanks Vic mate, you are a genius.”