Mark Plati – Producer / Musician / Writer & Studio Owner

"My first experience with the Phoenix was in 2006 when I was in London mixing an album for French rockers Les Rita Mitsouko. I was looking for something to warm up the SSL - to give it more life and mojo in addition to providing a degree of peak management and that 'glue' one looks for at that stage of of the process. I tried a number of different options from the local hire company, but when the Phoenix showed up I stopped cold in my tracks and didn't look back - enough so to purchase one immediately upon my return to NYC for use in my private studio. Since then the Phoenix has brought life to most of my work in one application or another - either on the stereo bus, as a stem compressor for guitars or vocals, or in various recording setups. The unit is imposing and beefy .. and it sounds like it."

New York producer, musician, writer and studio owner Mark Plati works with a very impressive list of artists including luminaries such as David Bowie and The Cure. He currently uses the Phoenix in his New York studio Alice's Restaurant.