Jerome Schmitt

Mastering Engineer / Studio Owner


Phoenix Mastering

Jerome Schmitt "I use it on pretty much every genre of music and it always make things bigger and much more organic. It is very flexible and transparent when needed too. I highly recommend it."




Mark Plati

Producer / Musician / Writer / Studio Owner



"My first experience with the Phoenix was in 2006 when I was in London mixing an album for French rockers Les Rita Mitsouko. I was looking for something to warm up the SSL...when the Phoenix showed up I stopped cold in my tracks and didn't look back."




Kurt Ballou

Producer / Artist / Writer / Studio Owner


Phoenix & almost everything else

"...I use this stuff that much! It's gritty when I need it, transparent when I don't, warm with out being muddy, bright without being sterile or harsh, and always classy sounding. Keep up the good work, guys!




Rik Simpson

Producer / Mix Engineer / Musician


Nightingales, Phoenix, Culture Vulture & Earlybird

"NIGHTINGALES - I tried these out and within an hour knew I had to buy 2 of them. I love the "effortlessness" of the sound, it has loads of character and a clarity that's unsurpassed in my opinion."




James F Reynolds

Producer / Mix Engineer / Musician


Master Phoenix

“The Phoenix Mastering Compressor has been an integral and invaluable part of my mixing process for the last 5 years. I have yet to mix a record without using this compressor in my mix buss. It has an amazing glueing effect on mixes and really pulls them together.”


Jonas Raabe

Producer, recording 4 albums with The Guillemots


Fat Bustard

“I use the FAT BUSTARD as my main summing device and I just love the warmth and depth it adds to my mixes. The e.q. is beautiful, and the Spread Filter and Attitude Switch are great features that really make this Valve Mixer amazing !”


Peter Katis

Producer / Engineer / Mixer / Musician


Phoenix, Earlybird, Vulture, Pullet, Fat Bustard

“I am a proud owner of ALL of Thermionic Culture’s current products!..."

"...This isn’t a paid promotion. I just love the stuff.



Dave Hamelin -

The Stills / Eight And A Half


Rooster, Phoenix & Vulture

“When I first got the Rooster and Phoenix I had a really easy and effortless time dialling in the Rooster.  The EQ is fantastic and the attitude section is awesome for adding a little compression to something without actually affecting the dynamic response.”


“The Phoenix had me perplexed at first ‘cause I simply had never been in the presence of anything like it!"


Gareth Jones -

Producer / Mixer / Engineer


Fat Bustard

“Be careful….After years of mixing on Big Consoles and in the Box, I mixed an album through the Fat Bustard- and that was it.  I had to have one.  I blame Vic at Thermionic Culture for making something I couldn’t resist. Who knows where this might lead?”



Sammy Kannis

Producer / Songwriter


Phoenix SC

“I recently bought the Phoenix SC after reading about it for months..."

"and when I travel overseas, just like the old American Express commercial I won’t leave home without it!”



Kevin Stagg


Phoenix Anniversary Edition, Earlybird 2.2, Rooster, Earlybird 4

Kevin owns the Esselle Beat Company, one of Brighton’s longest established studios (to the north of the city near Devil’s Dyke). He is actually Thermionic  Culture’s FIRST customer and purchased Phoenix 001 fifteen years ago. He recently sold this (at a vast profit!) and bought two of the 11th anniversary editions


John Dent

Mastering Engineer


Custom Earlybird 2.2, Pullet

“The Thermionic setup is in use on a daily basis, I’m always amazed how good the equipment sounds with a variety of recordings..”


Hanan Rubinstein -

Musician / Engineer


Phoenix, Vulture, Pullet

“...I fell in love with the smoothness of the Phoenix which just glues everything together like no other compressor I have ever used. The Culture Vulture adds magic to anything – from very subtle colouring to full blown distortion orgies, anything is possible. It even sounded amazing on piano! The Pullet is in a class of it’s own – especially as you can make it behave differently by using various preamps for the makeup gain. A very versatile box that makes you appreciate “passive” on a whole other level. I am very much looking forward to you guys making a console for me some day – a boy can dream!!”


Marek Pompetzki

Producer, Writer, Engineer, Musician


Master Phoenix & Master Vulture

“The Phoenix is simply amazing, it pulls off anything from transparent to bouncy compression. It’s probably the best compressor for tracking vocals, bass and acoustic guitars and when it’s time to mix, it sounds really huge on the 2-bus. And the Culture Vulture is fantastic to turn boring sounds into something exciting.”